Desktop Blog posters

I’ve been playing around with Gnome Blog Entry poster and BloGTK. They are both good, BloGTK has more features and some nice options for tagging.

To learn about these applications all I did was use the package manager that comes with Edubuntu and the word blog as a keyword for searching through the packages, click a little box, hit apply and 2 minutes later I have 2 new powerful tools for blogging. Gnu/Linux is incredible.

I’ve almost finished my quick look at Fedora Core 5 walk-through, at this point I think it was easier to install, but so far Edubuntu is looking like its user friendly for both newbies and power users.

Either way they are both excellent. Its such a shame the majority of the Edu peeps cant even explore which are the best tools for the job, we’re limited to showing them the best of free software that runs on windows.

Look at the pain that some of Australia’s most talented programmers go through just to try and achieve interoperability and compatibility with those proprietary systems. Andrew Tridgell. MS vs EC

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