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Using your feed aggregator(podcatcher) software subscribe to the Recordings about our Philosophy – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF) .

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You may also need VLC media player for viewing and listening to Ogg/Vorbis Audio and Ogg/Theora video.

The speeches are by Richard Stallman and a couple by Bradley Kuhn. They talk about free software and civil rights, ethics, law, business, programming and explain the history of free software and philosophy of the GNU Project and lots more. If you use a computer then these are probably the most important files that you’ll ever download.

“Most of the time when people consider the question of what rules society should have for using software, the people considering it are from software companies, and they consider the question from a self-serving perspective, what rules can we impose on everybody else so they have to pay us lots of money? I had the good fortune in the 1970s to be part of a community of programmers who shared software. And because of this I always like to look at the same issue from a different direction to ask: what kind of rules make possible a good society that is good for the people who are in it? And therefore I reach completely different answers.”

Richard Stallman

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