Eventful weekend

A bit of a late post, anyway I enjoyed the Buddha’s birthday festival, the food was good, the entertainment and events were excellent.

“At his birth, seven lotus flowers sprung up beneath his feet as he walked – pointing one hand to the sky and ground he said “in the heaven above and earth below, I vow to liberate all who suffer in these three realms”.

I also went to HUMBUG again, that’s 3 meeting in a row, I’ll have to consider becoming a member. They meet fortnightly at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. There were quite a few people this time and some of them brought babies so there was a bit of a family vibe. The usual collection of academics and unix gurus were there wandering around helping out newbies and discussing computer science.

I had a few things planned for this meeting, last meeting my power supply died just after I setup. I updated my system and we started testing croquet. After my mate configured his firewall we were able to see each others worlds and open a portal so he joined my world and I created a project that we worked on together, I showed him how to reuse Squeak projects in Croquet. He hadn’t really explored croquet so we went on a tour. A few of the guru’s had gathered around and were asking about croquet which was good because I don’t have an academic background so its nice to hear what they think about it and hopefully they will use it.

Here’s some movies on Croquet:

  • Croquet Intro
  • Croquet Intro2
  • Croquet Intro3
  • Croquet for immersive language intstruction

I hope you all had a good weekend.

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