Linux Australia Urges the Federal Govt. Not to Abandon Consumer and Competition Interests


Linux Australia Urges the Federal Govt. Not to Abandon Consumer and Competition Interests

Posted: June 14th, 2006, 11:48pm EST by Pascal

The press release just came in across the Linux Australia mailing lists:

Linux Australia, Australias peak Free and Open Source Software community group, announced the launch of a petition today calling on the federal government to resist pressure to abandon consumer and competition rights when drafting anti-circumvention laws. New laws are required under the terms of the Free Trade Agreement negotiated between Australia and the United States.

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Moving around and new changes

Moving is a bit of a hassle. I’m still looking for somewhere a bit more permanent but this gives me a chance to sort through all my junk. I’m not sure I’ll bother hooking up the net till my next move. I’ll probably just visit this internet cafe down at West End. West End is adjacent to the suburbs of South Brisbane and Highgate Hill. Its an interesting area.

I’ve been volunteering 2 days a week at a public secondary school, I’ve worked for education Queensland before though this time I’m not really the IT guy, I’m working in the library, I’m a quick learner and have been trying to be as helpful as I can. By the second day I was left in charge of the library, sure it was only for half an hour but at least I knew what I was doing. At the school they use Citrix thin clients so I’m hoping it may be easy to setup an Edubuntu LTS. I’m not going to write much about the school for now, though there are a few interesting stories I would like to share.

There was an interesting situation where a class was using the computers in the library and I was doing some work near the group and the usual thing happened where one student does the work and the rest say email it to me and I’ll change it a bit. It got to the point where one of them was worried and asked me if I was a teacher, I told him I wasn’t and we had a little chat about cheating and why the days of cheating at school are over, in the end I showed him Wikimedia and tried to make some inspirational comments about knowledge amplification.

The other interesting thing was the library has laptops they can loan out, it took some convincing but in the end I was allowed to boot the Ubuntu live CD. Apparently they had heaps of problems with the wireless connection for the laptop and it took months to get it to work but as I showed him we dont have that problem with Ubuntu. Everything just works. He was impressed by that which was good considering how much effort it took to be allowed to show him.

Tinkering with Blogger blogs and Mediawiki

I modified the tango theme for media wiki and tidied up the Superuser Wiki. Check it out, I really like how it looks but it still needs a bit of work. Here’s the banner.

Superuser Wiki logo

I was tinkering with my Blogger blog for some ACE 2.0 teachers and check out what I came up with. I also setup Libreknowledge blog but I haven’t posted on it yet.

Watch this video called The Future is Open.


In-between looking for work, my volunteer work and moving house I’m not sure how often I’ll be online over the coming weeks. I might use the chance to unplug for a while, I’m not sure about my plans yet so if you want to volunteer to keep the blog moving along then please do but be quick

That shirt looks so old and faded. Here’s a pic of my mate Mike, you probably have to visit the blog and check out the shoutbox to see why its funny. HAHA cop that Mike. The best things in life are GNU.

Take care everyone. Happy Learning.

Software Freedom Day

Thanks for reminding me that this is coming up Noiesmo.

software freedom day

From the Wikipedia Entry for Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). SFD is a public education effort, not only to celebrate the virtues of Free and Open Source Software, but also to encourage its use, to the benefit of the public.

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Spanish Region Goes Entirely Open Source

More Blockquote Goodness from Slashdot.

greengrass writes to tell us TechWorld is reporting that the Spanish region of Extremadura has decided to go completely open source with their day-to-day operations. While the region has long been a supporter of open source software, within a year it will be a requirement that all officials use the ODF and PDF formats for all documents.

From the article:

“Extremadura, Spain’s poorest region, made headlines following a 2002 decision to migrate about 70,000 desktops and 400 servers in its schools to a locally tailored version of Debian called gnuLinEx. The government has estimated that the total cost of this project was about 190,000 euros (£130,000), 18 million euros lower than if the schools had purchased Microsoft software. “

Dutch city of 175,000 people drops Microsoft Office for


This link is in German, but basically says that the Gronigen, the capital city of the Province by the same name, will save a net of 140,000 Euros by the move in the first year. I’m sure someone can translate the full article and post it in the comments section.

Dead Children, Absolutely Heartbroken

I read Pascals Blog mostly for FOSS news, one of his recent posts really caught me off gaurd and messed with my head. I want to you to see what I’m talking about. I have to warn you that its absolutely repulsive.
It really breaks my heart to see children educated like that. Sorry if this is a bit much. I’m not taking sides in this and when I try to take a neutral point of view, but this seems so horrible.

An open letter to the political blogosphere

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales is trying to ramp up the intelligence of politics.

This website, Campaigns Wikia, has the goal of bringing together people from diverse political perspectives who may not share much else, but who share the idea that they would rather see democratic politics be about engaging with the serious ideas of intelligent opponents, about activating and motivating ordinary people to get involved and really care about politics beyond the television soundbites.

One hallmark of the blog and wiki world is that we do not wait for permission before making things happen. If something needs to be done, we do it. Well, campaigns need to sit up and take notice of the Internet, take notice of bloggers, take notice of wikis, and engage with us in a constructive way.

Here’s a link to Angela Beesleys new blog and if your looking for a wiki you can Start a wiki.