New Poll and some notes about GNU Emacs

I’m using a different WordPress plugin for my poll, its called Democracy AJAX Poll. It uses AJAX and I think its nicer. The last poll I had was “What is the best system, Free software or proprietary software and out of the 28 votes, 21 of you voted for Free software and the funny thing is out of 7 votes for proprietary software, my good buddy Mike made 6 of them, lol.

I’ll leave the default Poll for a while, someone rated my site and said their grandma could do better, so that’s good.

I’m happy about using GNU Emacs regularly again, Its easily the best editor I’ve ever used, I think it would be a great teaching tool. I’m using it to write and publish this post, I also use it in combination with MVS to edit my wiki and Wikimedia projects. Here’s the links for people interested in those things.

There’s so many other things I use GNU Emacs for that its just too much effort to start listing them all off so I’ll try to keep my notes on the wiki.

I’m also running Erbot. We’ve been having a bit of fun with it on IRC.

Ogg/MP3 Player Java Applet and jQuery – Stallman speech and CRS

Gnu audio

I’ve embeded jlGUI the java applet that looks like XMMS/winamp. It plays Ogg Vorbis and MP3’s. It can play them from a playlist. I’m also using jQuery the javascript library for the slide down affect, click on play Audio to see the player.

The audio I’ve used for the demo is Richard M. Stallman’s speech, Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks, given at MIT and a few tracks from CRS : LA RUE NOUS GUETTE.

I’ll probably use this player next time I do a shoutcast.

Edit 2019: Ive removed this player but you can visit the site and see if its useful for you.

My Third Video Blog — Open Source Web Desktop

In this video I look at open source web desktop environments, mainly eyeOS. Some of the web 2.0 heads might want to check out eyespot.


Embeded video removed(2019).

To enable your computer to play both video (Theora) and audio (Vorbis) files, please select a program from the listings here.

The video in AVI format is encoded with the free XviD codec. If your computer does not have the XviD codec installed, you can get it here or through your favorite free operating system’s software respository. Windows and Mac users can find easy-to-install XviD binaries here.

Visit this page for other formats.

Online Scrabble with Free Libre Software


Previously we had a look at Pengupop and learning Spanish. This is more on the mark.

I’ve been playing PyScrabble On-line with a few friendly Germans, its a real challenge playing scrabble in a new language but this is a useful way to use games in learning.

So check out PyScrabble its available on windows and the source code is available for non-windows platforms. I installed it on Edubuntu and needed to install python-pygame to get it running.

ICA05 deconstructed

Peter Shanks teaches information technology subjects at Bathurst TAFE NSW. He released a beta version of ICA05 deconstructed on Sourceforge.

The Austrailian ICA05 IT training package – deconstructed from the original PDF and put back into a MySQL database for further tinkering. Currently we support the creation of moodle modules, XML, and tiddlywiki output for individual subjects.

Visit the TAFE ICA05 project page.

Part of his announcement on a mailing list.

I’d like to invite any LAMP developers out there to download and play with the source for the ICA05 web app I announced last week.

If you have time, download the source and see what you think.

Dutch city of 175,000 people drops Microsoft Office for


This link is in German, but basically says that the Gronigen, the capital city of the Province by the same name, will save a net of 140,000 Euros by the move in the first year. I’m sure someone can translate the full article and post it in the comments section.

Croatian government adopts free software policy

I have a few Croatian/Australian friends so check it out guys time to break out the Velebitsko and Ozujsko Pivo.

Croatian government adopts free software policy

The Croatian government has decided to adopt a free software policy and move entirely to Open Source. Proprietary software leads to too much dependence on suppliers, which can damage the market competition..OSS makes the government’s business more transparent, it will save tax payers huge amounts of cash and strengthen domestic industry.

Bill Kendrick and New Breed Software

Bill Kendrick runs a site called New Breed Software.

We create Open Source software which is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, BeOS, and even PDAs and video game systems!

As you can see from visiting Bill’s personal webpage, Tux Paint is his most successful open source project, he originally created Supertux, has won many awards for his games and co-founded Linux Users Group of Davis .

During my Tux Paint screencast I read parts of the description of Tuxpaint from Wikipedia, I skimmed passed this part.

The project was started in 2002 by William J Kendrick.

I think leaving that out was a mistake, the volume was too low for some windows users, though I fixed that and I should have a title screen at the start. Apart from that I think my screencast setup is pretty good, one day I hope to have cortado setup so I can delete the flv’s.

Bill left a comment on my blog here so feel free to reply. Thanks Bill.

Watch my Tux Paint video.