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Mugshot mini review

Wikipedia: Mugshot_(software)

Mugshot is a community software system created by Red Hat. Unlike social networking websites, it also has a desktop client component. It is meant to facilitate real-world interactions with friends, and make one’s normal computer use more social. Current features include ‘Web Swarm’ which lets users share web links and join in conversations about them, and ‘Music Radar’, which displays which songs a user is listening to, and allows conversations about the song. Many features are planned, including ‘TV Party’.

Mugshot is free software. “Most” of the client code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Various parts of the server code are distributed under the GPL, the Open Software License 3.0, the Apache License, and the MIT License. All of which are free software licences.

First I visited the Mugshot home page to set up my own Mugshot. When you set up your account include the other social networking sites that you use.

thumb mugshot home

I’m using Delicious, Digg, Youtube and my blog, when I or someone in my groups or network make a blog post, add a bookmark to delicous or use one of the other social networking sites its automatically added to the stacker. Below is a couple of screenshots of my home page, the image on the right is the bottom half of my home page, the stacker, its a bit like a news reader.

mugshot stacker app

I installed the Mugshot stacker. Like the other desktop applications I use regularly, its on my desktop tool tray which makes it really convenient to check when theres new activities.

Its not essential to install the Mugshot Stacker desktop application, its also available on your homepage. The thing I really liked about the stacker was that when someone added images to their flickr account or a video to youtube you could click on the entry and preview the thumbnails, with blog posts you can preview and visit the post, with feeds and webswarms you get a short description, you can share them with your groups and network and also start/join a chat about it.

mugshot chat

As the title says this is a mini review, visit the Mugshot home page for more information. In my opinion this is the best social networking site I’ve used so far, its Free_software so you know more features are coming and its only going to get better. Developers can visit the Mugshot Wiki for more information, they’re also hiring. Google users might be interested in adding the stacker as a Google gadget. You can see my Mugshot mini badge on the far right sidebar at the top.

A couple of my mates use myspace so I hope they bother setting up a mugshot, I also hope all the bloggers I know set one up.

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  1. Lol, Im going to take a photo of myself wearing my power tie, on my mugshot page, I added my flickr account and now you can see those cool pics of the Jackl0rd flexing his muscles.


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