Linux Australia Urges the Federal Govt. Not to Abandon Consumer and Competition Interests


Linux Australia Urges the Federal Govt. Not to Abandon Consumer and Competition Interests

Posted: June 14th, 2006, 11:48pm EST by Pascal

The press release just came in across the Linux Australia mailing lists:

Linux Australia, Australias peak Free and Open Source Software community group, announced the launch of a petition today calling on the federal government to resist pressure to abandon consumer and competition rights when drafting anti-circumvention laws. New laws are required under the terms of the Free Trade Agreement negotiated between Australia and the United States.

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Spanish Region Goes Entirely Open Source

More Blockquote Goodness from Slashdot.

greengrass writes to tell us TechWorld is reporting that the Spanish region of Extremadura has decided to go completely open source with their day-to-day operations. While the region has long been a supporter of open source software, within a year it will be a requirement that all officials use the ODF and PDF formats for all documents.

From the article:

“Extremadura, Spain’s poorest region, made headlines following a 2002 decision to migrate about 70,000 desktops and 400 servers in its schools to a locally tailored version of Debian called gnuLinEx. The government has estimated that the total cost of this project was about 190,000 euros (£130,000), 18 million euros lower than if the schools had purchased Microsoft software. “

Web Badges/Buttons

Zwahlendesign has a nice list of Web Badges/Buttons that are generously available under GNU GPL thanks to Christian Zwahlen. The site also has a lot of info on design, Unix/Linux and office. When I get a spare moment I’ll to put together a block of web badges and create a few. I also noticed a nice news post.

Switch to Linux! A new website campaign has been started for people who wanted to switch from Windows to GNU/Linux or just Linux.


  • What is Linux?
  • Why not Windows?
  • Making the switch

Australia is required to enact harsh new “anti-circumvention” laws under the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement

Paul “Rusty” Russell, Australian Linux kernel hacker, visited Humbug on Saturday, gave a talk on the possible consequences of Australia’s obligations under the FTA. You can read the information, listen to his audio and view the slides.


On there’s an article What rights do I actually still have? explaining things in a way that may help the average person understand how this issue affects us.

Please sign the petition at and talk about these issues with friends family and business partners. Make your digital rights an issue for yourself and your government representative.

3D Desktop Noiesmo update

A couple of weeks back Noiesmo set up Xgl and compiz on my system and quite a few people have been really impressed by it. Some people no matter what they do they just want to look good while doing it while others couldn’t care less. Below are a few screenshots, I probably should have changed the black background to make it look a bit cooler but till you see it in action its hard to get a good idea of what its really like.

Noiesmo recently updated his Xgl howtos, for both Nvidia and ATI video cards. They have his guides on freenode kubuntu bot which means in irc chat you can type a message !xgl in #kubuntu channel and it links to his howtos. How good is that. Its nice to have his help. Thanks Noiesmo from everyone, this is a really cool thing for kids to play with. You can have a closer look at these images on the gallery.

Playing Games with GNU/Linux users

I was discussing the Games that Empower project with some hardcore gamers and they said something like “but there aren’t any real games on Linux” so I just wanted to share some info about some of the other games that you can play. Some of them you have to pay for and some don’t make the source code available. Here’s some of the well known ones that we can play together.

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LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Australia

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Australia starts today.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Australia, is the worlds leading trade show and conference for management and IT professionals, to learn about Linux and open source applications, solutions, ROI and Total Cost of Ownership.

Here’s some other interesting info from digging through a few sites.

NSW State Revenue Office claims 83% reduction in costs under Linux
“The tax collection agency has declared it would rather switch desktop operating systems than lock itself into Microsoft’s licensing regime…”
“As soon as support ends for XP, we will look at moving to Linux [desktops],” Babhoota said…

Linux 40 per cent cheaper than Windows, exclaims IBM
“Linux’s total cost of operation (TCO) is typically 40 percent lower than Windows, according to an IBM-sponsored report from the Robert Frances Group (RFG), publicized by IBM last week…”