Mediawiki Extensions

On my Wiki I use an open source flv player and cortado to show video and and play audio and I’ve installed quite a lot of extensions that I find useful, I previously did the a similar thing with wordpress plugins on my blog. Recently I’ve added the Googlemaps extension to the Wiki. Here’s the demo showing the location of HUMBUG. Its really easy to use and I think some people will find it incredibly useful in many ways. My brother and a close friend are over in the UK and I have some friends in different locations all over the world so I hope they find this interesting enough to use.

The other thing I added to the Wiki is a quiz. So now I’ll dump the quiz and exam plugin I have on my blog. The next extension I’m thinking about installing is phpFreeChat. I can see how that will be useful to have quick meetings with contributors on the Wiki. I’ll also probably look at using the Calendar and special events extension.

The other thing I recently added was a page with a collection of links to Free Audio.

For anyone interested send me an email or instant message and I’ll organise a time for us to get together online.

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