Really Really Free Market

From the vegetarian and vegan society of queensland forum:

Really Really Free Market

Date: Sun 5 November 2006

Time: 3pm-5pm approximately

Where: Orleigh Park, West End (near the Citycat ferry stop – near where World Vegan day was)

What is the Really Really Free Market:
It’s where you bring your old/unwanted/excess items to give away and so does everyone else. You don’t HAVE to bring something to take something,
but it’s nice if you can contribute.

You can also give away yr skills for free. eg. offering free massages, haircuts etc.

What to bring:
Bring things to give away, bring a plate to eat some free food from (there will be a free vegan BBQ), bring friends, but whatever you do, don’t bring your wallet.

please feel free to forward this to your friends and further..

If you need directions, here’s a map and details on the Wiki.

HUMBUG meeting tomorrow as well.

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