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Mobilize This09 being held on Friday the 30th of October, brings together those pursuing the active use of mobile technologies and associated digital literacy in their …

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The Open University?

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The UK’s Open Source Consortium has accused the Open University of breaching its founding principles.  The Open University came about in the 1960’s as a move towards …

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One Laptop Per Child


Ok well perhaps that should read, half a laptop per child.  News just in from The Inquirer, the first batch of Classmate PCs has been delivered to Portuguese schools. 3000 of …

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Nottingham Trent University have introduced a Cyberpsychology masters degree, the first of its kind in the UK. The course is open to postgraduates and will look …

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Yo Frankie! the Open Game

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You may remember project Orange’s open movie “Elephants Dream” and project Peach’s open movie “Big Buck Bunny“, they’ve continued with a new open project Apricot. This …

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