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Nottingham Trent University have introduced a Cyberpsychology masters degree, the first of its kind in the UK. The course is open to postgraduates and will look at online gaming and gambling, social networking as well as online dating.

Dr Monica Whitty, who’s running the course said that:

“As well as being academically challenging, with the possibility of students going on to do a PhD, the course has been designed with the needs of industry firmly in mind.”

The course has been designed to be academically challenging but also attuned to the needs of the industry. As a result the academic team have incorporated a work-based module in the curriculum.

This module will allow students to experience an intensive period of work over a three week period. The work will be within industry (e.g., online dating and online gaming companies) and will:

  • enable students to display a comprehensive understanding of key theoretical, philosophical, and methodological issues, debates and initiatives that lie at the forefront of research in cyberpsychology
  • develop students’ understanding and skills in a range of research methods and techniques applicable to advanced scholarship in cyberpsychology
  • enable students to conduct ethically sensitive research in the area of cyberpsychology
  • enable students to apply theory and research in the field of cyberpsychology to practical contexts.

This sounds like a really interesting course.

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