Squeak and Free Software


The original Squeak release is available under APSL2. The APSL2 is listed as a GPL-Incompatible, Free Software License so this means we have a version of Squeak that is Free Software.

“This is a free software license, incompatible with the GNU GPL. We recommend that you not use this license for new software that you write, but it is ok to use and improve the software released under this license. More explanation is available. “

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Defective by Design

Newsforge has the story FSF launches anti-DRM campaign outside WinHEC 2006 The Free Software Foundation (FSF) launched its anti-Digital Rights …

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Blog Update

I updated my blog to WordPress 2.0.2 and decided to clean it up and make sure its valid XHTML 1.0 …

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Fedora Core 5 review

I wrote a Fedora Core 5 review on the wiki. Its really short, it describes the install and has screenshots …

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Elephants Dream

Sorry to copy this straight from Slashdot but its looks good. This month has seen the internet release of the …

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Podcast Generator 0.8 Released

podcast generator

Podcaster Generator 0.8 is out. I’ve been using and modifying this project. I made some minor changes to the code and here’s a screenshot of the changes I made to the administration menu. You also get a glimpse of the gnome desktop and firefox web browser in action.

Alberto Betella released 0.8 this morning so I’ll start using it. His code is much nicer than mine. Here’s the changes.

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Games that Empower

I put together a project called Games that empower. Its a collection of Free, Libre and Open source games and …

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Eventful weekend

A bit of a late post, anyway I enjoyed the Buddha’s birthday festival, the food was good, the entertainment and events were excellent.

“At his birth, seven lotus flowers sprung up beneath his feet as he walked – pointing one hand to the sky and ground he said “in the heaven above and earth below, I vow to liberate all who suffer in these three realms”.

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