Podcast Generator 0.8 Released

Podcaster Generator 0.8 is out. I’ve been using and modifying this project. I made some minor changes to the code and here’s a screenshot of the changes I made to the administration menu. You also get a glimpse of the gnome desktop and firefox web browser in action.

Alberto Betella released 0.8 this morning so I’ll start using it. His code is much nicer than mine. Here’s the changes.

“The new version of Podcast Generator (0.8) has been just released. A lot of new features have been added:

– The script now works with any type of media file: now you can easily create also a video podcast!
– Password protected administration.
– Detailed and highly customizable configuration file.
– Title and description fields shown in the “recent podcasts” and “all podcasts” pages.
– Easily customizable template pages via css.
– External template files; you can easily include Podcast Generator in existing websites.
– Xml feed improvements to meet w3c directives.
– Automatically add timestamp to the filename of uploaded files.
– Rename file on upload if already exists.
– Ask for confirmation on file removing.
– External script language file.
– Fixed other bugs… “

I also updated my Podcasting for windows Users Guide. I’m mostly using the Superuser Wiki for new projects, I’ll develop the wiki then convert the most useful works into Learning Objects in the 5 different formats, the strange thing is, when I look at the logs, most people download the PDF when the zip archives have the documents in all formats.

I like Alberto’s project a lot, I’ve written a simple help desk system and a few other projects that use PHP and MySQL and one of my friends is writing a web based user management tool for his school so I might brush up on my skills and see if I can help out. Alberto’s University is using it so perhaps some AU Uni’s might find it useful as well.

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