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I just changed the theme of my blog. If you visit WikiAngela you’ll quickly notice that I’ve copied her Wiki/Blog theme setup and modified the colours, originally I did but now I switched back to the default dusk theme colour. It’s a fairly lame thing to do but I really like this setup, out of all the web based software I’m using, the Wiki has ranked the highest every month so far and I dont use it as often as I should, I made a lot of entries early on and added some text and videos every so often. I really like how the blog and Wiki appear integrated and hope to make use of the Wiki regularly.

I’m happy to tidy up my blog and move away from the CMS style, most people said it looked nice and I can always switch back easily. I’ve deleted quite a few pages and I’ll probably wikify some of the books I’ve written so people aren’t going around in circles. I write my documentation in DocBook, which is an SGML base markup language that you can convert into multiple formats, a concept I learned something about from Robert Chassel on Single Input — Multiple Outputs, he’s mostly talking about Texinfo. I have DocBook Wiki set up on my local web server which might be useful, but mostly I want to start building the Wiki and using my blog more as a journal which is a little different for me but apparently thats a way you can experience some personal growth. Hopefully it will improve my writing, I also want to play with the idea of designing a PLE based on free software. What do you think we should call free software?.

In my opinion Angela Beesley is an excellent role model for all knowledge workers/entrepreneurs. I hope this doesnt come across as being sexist but for a while I tried to get an overview of whats happening in local educational IT networks. We have WIT, FIT, and GIT. Orgs and Acroynms for women, females and girls in information technology. I dont know if its just in Australia but most of what I’ve read over the past couple of years says that women aren’t getting a fair go in IT and they need more role models.

Make sure you check out WikiAngela there’s a nice collection of resources and links for learning about Wikis.

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