Torvalds on Open-Source Identity

Linux founder Linus Torvalds this week talked to Computerworld about the development of Linux over the past two decades. He was of course asked about his views on Windows 7 and his views on the development cycle

Windows 7 being better than Vista is saying a lot. Microsoft may have a huge PR advantage as people will compare it to Vista and think it is good so “angels will sing again” like they did with Windows 95 compared to Windows 3.1. So maybe Microsoft did this on purpose.

He also talked about what 2009 had in store for the Linux desktop;

Look at what Firefox has achieved and how it is creeping up on Windows. It is important projects like Firefox and which are spreading the whole notion of open source wider. They work cross-platform and the project shouldn’t be tied to the platform. People will realise the lack of tie-in means you can chose a platform and that is much healthier from the market standpoint than having to make a platform decision for an application.

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