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The Worlds Best Desktop Environment

When it comes to designing digital learning environments we need a powerful interactive multimedia system that allows the user to control the experience and pace through self-selected hypermedia so use the worlds best desktop.

Software Libre operating systems serve the personal needs of the user rather than focusing the user’s attention on the machine. The strengths of the Software Libre desktop for education, research, productivity, or entertainment are that it’s imaginative, making possible various tasks that can not be accomplished in other desktops.

Download video clip for play on a Free system

We also need an environment that fosters a culture of cooperation, collaboration and social interaction. The Software Libre learning environment is optimized to provide access to information and communication technologies, express our imagination and creativity, process information which can be freely studied, applied, copied and/or modified, by anyone, for any purpose and distributed through self organising connective knowledge amplification networks for a more productive society and the benefit of humanity.

The video above is a good example of these principles in action, you can:

A big thanks to Noiesmo for his help.

3 thoughts on “The Worlds Best Desktop Environment”

  1. Hey man, i want to know what plug in did you use, to get a incredible zoom or whatever in the worlds best desktop video 🙁 its amazing,

    Im From Mexico, help me i want that plug-in


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