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Teachers Without Borders on Secondlife

I wandered around Teachers Without Borders space on Secondlife and recorded a video of it that you can watch below or watch on youtube. You can also download it from internet archive.
Read more about Teachers Without Borders.

I hope Konrad Glogowski doesn’t mind quoting some of his email but heres part of what he told me about Teachers Without Borders and Secondlife.

The mission of Teachers Without Borders is to support teachers from around the world with professional development opportunities and tools that connect them with information and each other so that they may play more vital roles in their communities. We currently work with several governments and Ministries of Education around the world, including Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Peru, and China just to name a few.

The goal of the SL presence is to provide a platform for teachers in industrialized nations to discuss teacher professional development as an important factor in international development, to help raise awareness of issues affecting teachers in developing nations, and to work towards increased empowerment and change.

The space will be used to host a discussion series open to all on some of the above topics. As a long-time jokaydian, I also hope to use this space to continue to contribute to the island’s growth and profile.

Konrad contacted me about making some furniture for that space and I’m really keen to contribute. I think perhaps he saw my sculpture and and work flow from my screenshots on flickr. Over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with chairs. To be continued…

The music I used in the video is “Confrontation, Le Gardien” by Grégoire Lourme.

2 thoughts on “Teachers Without Borders on Secondlife”

  1. good luck bro, your sculptures are looking tight by the way.

    I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard of teachers trying to use MMO’s for online learning but I think virtual worlds like SL with a structured format and learning objectives would be a lot more likely to add value then just playing WOW and trying to pretend that socialising by saying ‘ LEVEL 45 CLERICS LFG d00ds! LOLZ” is learning.


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