Teachers and Social Responsibility

There’s some really nice software for teaching game making as a way to teach young students programming and mathematics like Squeak which is also the programming environment that serves as Croquet’s foundation. My research is here. But there’s more.

Kay and Papert consider Croquet and Squeak just one part of the two parts necessary to help humanity. They hope that Nicholas Negroponte’s $100 laptop effort, which they co-developed with him, will help distribute such learning, discovery, and communication software for youth around the world to use to supplement and improve the students’ own learning environments. In turn, they hope that these students’ discoveries and “powerful ideas” can be self-published by the same interconnected software to be made available to the rest of civilization.

Earlier today I discovered something that I never would have expected, its a very long story and I think its better to keep looking forward.

Bill Kerr joins the Free Software Foundation.

So kids, Happy Learning.

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3 thoughts on “Teachers and Social Responsibility”

  1. Maybe you ought to be prepared to have a conversation with people before labelling them “on the wrong side” and carrying on about it repeatedly. The fact that you “never would have expected” that I would join the FSF ought to indicate that perhaps your thinking might be astray in some respects. Maybe you should spend some time thinking about that as well as “looking forward”?

  2. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to put some time into learning from the past. I agree there should be a lot more conversation going on about Free software in education and thats what I’m looking forward to.

  3. Since you are still talking in generalities I’ll spell it out again:

    1) You labelled me and some friends as being “on the wrong side”
    2) I sent you private email requesting to talk about it
    3) You ignored the email
    4) You have since bad mouthed me and my friends several times in public forums and blogs
    5) You now discover to your surprise that I support the FSF

    The main mistake you made was ignoring the email to discuss the issues. You don’t have a right to bad mouth people after you have rudely ignored a request to talk about it.


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