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New Poll and some notes about GNU Emacs

I’m using a different WordPress plugin for my poll, its called Democracy AJAX Poll. It uses AJAX and I think its nicer. The last poll I had was “What is the best system, Free software or proprietary software and out of the 28 votes, 21 of you voted for Free software and the funny thing is out of 7 votes for proprietary software, my good buddy Mike made 6 of them, it just goes to show that even when they try to corrupt the process, they still lose 🙂

I’ll leave the default Poll for a while, someone rated my site and said their grandma could do better, so thats good.

I’m happy about using GNU Emacs regularly again, Its easily the best editor I’ve ever used, I think it would be a great teaching tool. I’m using it to write and publish this post, I also use it in combination with MVS to edit my wiki and Wikimedia projects. Here’s the links for people interested in those things.

There’s so many other things I use GNU Emacs for that its just too much effort to start listing them all off so I’ll try to keep my notes on the wiki.

I’m also running Erbot. We’ve been having a bit of fun with it on IRC.

I also have 2 lessons that are usable. News Aggregator lesson and Videoblogging lesson.

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