Squeak and the Croquet Project

Most people have heard about the $100 laptop project that’s developed by the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization.

If you haven’t then follow the links above, its an amazing project. I hope our government gets involved but I have my doubts.

I noticed the software includes Squeak so I decided to take a closer look at Squeak and the Croquet project. I’m not going to explain those things, you will just have to follow the links. You really should, the Croquet project is impressive.

I put together a page called $100 Laptop, One Laptop per Child Research. It contains a screenshot walkthough of Squeak and Croquet, some links, my observations and a Squeaklet demo. I enjoyed playing with Squeak and Croquet, I will create a space soon and share the info with the edu people and hopefully get some feedback.

5 thoughts on “Squeak and the Croquet Project”

  1. wow $100 laptop is an uber idea. It’s good to spread the awareness that there are other operating systems and I like the fact that it uses less power.


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