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Pro-DRM Law May Be Coming To Australia

Pro-DRM Law May Be Coming To Australia

paxmaniac writes, “The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian Federal Government will soon introduce laws making it illegal to circumvent copy control ‘technological prevention measures’ (or TPMs). The laws will make it illegal to modchip a console, to hack a DVD player to make it multi-region, to install DVD decoders on your PC, or to circumvent DRM in any other way. From the article: ‘Anyone found to have used technology to circumvent copy control TPMs will face fines of up to $6600, while those guilty of distributing enabling devices and services to others through a variety of means face imprisonment for up to five years and possible fines of $60,500.’ Australia is obliged to introduce these laws as part of it’s Free Trade Agreement with the USA. Gee thanks, George!”

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