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Peaks and troughs

I’ve been lacking the motivation to write something with substance, I think the main factor is that my friends returned to work last week and I’m not really keen to work in the public service anymore, at times I really enjoyed working in secondary schools but things are actually getting worse, they’ve introduced the orange card and I’m not sure whats happening with the pedagogical drivers license, hopefully teachers fully reject it.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant. Apparently Interactive, collaborative, immersive environments powered by hypermedia engines and artificially intelligent agents like my blog are the future. I thought our children were the future. You might like to know that the Semantic web is a pipedream but only if you own this patent, that actually looks like a step backwards.

Anyway I’ll try to get my perirhinal cortex and other medial temporal structures to function properly. Hopefully caffeine will do the trick.

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