Notes on education

From The Promise of Wisdom by J.Glenn Gray:

Being able to learn means being imaginative or being creative in a general sense. And this in turn signifies being constructive and reconstructive, synthesising the impressions that flood into the mind with the principles already present to it. Only in activity are these principles brought to light. Vision or theory is not so much an aquisition as a discovery, one that each person must make for himself though countless minds have made it before him.(pg20)

The educated man is one who is either practically or theorietically wise. If such a one is not to descend the ladder, he must keep constantly educating and re-educating himself. Education is a search and not a state of being. And though wisdom is inevitably dual in nature, as we have seen, a new necessity is upon us. Though we cannot unite the two kinds of wisdom, they must learn to support and to supplement each other.(pg29)

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