Newbies have all the fun

Day two of running Fedora Core 5 and the Gnome desktop. I usually just use Live CD’s to see how things are going with the desktop environment, I’ve decided I’m going to use this as my desktop system and take a newbie approach.

It seems like the logical thing to do after the Free Software on windows projects, I have a couple projects left to release and after that work on showing users that its much better to use a Free Software operating system.

I have a few drives laying around with different versions of different distro’s for developing quite a few different projects. I viewed Slackware as my main system, mostly compiled from source and if I couldn’t do something with GNU Emacs it wasn’t worth doing, lol.

I’ve been looking at is some of the work done by computer scientists in education with kids. When I was a kid we used to take our Commodore 64’s to computer club on the weekends, usually held at a school and just like we were encouraged to share our toys and play together we would share our software and play computer games together, it was so much fun and these days kids are deprived of this experience and even worse they are told its wrong and that they are criminals even if they share the software that they get at no cost.

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