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My second videoblog

Click on the video below to watch it, if your reading this from a news feed you’ll have to visit my blog. In this video I take a quick look at Blender. There’s links for downloading it below.

#removed 2019

Some people are probably like wtf is this windows and mac files, well its to try and say look you can choose from these videos so choose the top one where before they are probably thinking wtf is the Ogg file. Why Ogg Theora Matters for Internet TV.

To enable your computer to play both video (Theora) and audio (Vorbis) files, please select a program from the listings here.

This is the second video I’ve created with Blender, I started with 3 cubes that turned into a building, heres what it looks like on the outside.

chris blender

The best resources for learning Blender I’ve found so far would be OpenCourseWare – Tufts University – Blender Course and the classroom tutorial book from Blender Animation, 3D Computer Animation Utilizing Free Software . You can browse my bookmarks if you want, there’s a lot of really useful resources for learning Blender on the web.

I’m also using a newer version of the open source flv player so some feedback would be nice.

7 thoughts on “My second videoblog”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA OMFG PWN!@# How good was that!
    Man when it went inside the model and you had the hyped up atmospheric music it was uber! That looked fully pro, nice work bro!
    And that room that had the 9 little windows was hot too.

    What’s with the sunnies at the start? keke

  2. Thats my safety sunnies, just for laughs. Any idea’s about my image for the next vblog?
    The music is from the Fort Minor Remix Contest.

    I should have animated those nine little panels to kind of spread apart then come together but maybe next time, I dont know if you’ve ever seen that ipod ad with a city made out of album covers that all falls down and goes into the ipod but thats the kind of thing you could do with blender. You can also make games, thats probably what I’ll look at next.

    Thanks for your comments bro.

  3. Nice one Chris. motivating, and backed up with info. The ending was a little ubrupt.. perhaps a few more seconds spent summerising what they all can be together… I like the emergent style of your work tho. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks for your comments, I’ve been planning to look at ogre3d, I noticed some people do their modelling with blender and export the scenes to use them with the quake 3, ogre3d game engine and also in opencorquet.

    A while back I followed a few opencroquet tutorials for creating my own space but I didnt get to spend as much time on it as I would like.


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