Exclusive 90 minute interview with Slackware creator Patrick Volkerding

From The Linux Link Tech Show:

In this exclusive 90 minute interview, Slackware creator Patrick Volkerding talks about the history of Linux and why Slackware is the oldest surviving distribution. He addresses some of the so-called shortcomings of Slackware and goes into why he still loves what he does. Definitely worth a listen.
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Slackware was the first GNU/Linux distribution I used regulary and really liked. I’m still running it on an old Toshiba Satellite 300CDS laptop that I use at home as a router. Here’s the info about Patrick Volkerding on Wikipedia. A couple of things I found interesting in the interview was Patrick describing Slackware as a distribution for the more experienced users and that he includes MP3 decoding software, its just the encoding software that can’t be included in a distribution because of patents so by default you can listen to your MP3’s but you can’t rip your audio CD’s to MP3 format. Its another good reason to start using Ogg Vorbis. Nearly all of my audio and video is in Ogg file format.

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