Mixed News

This is a bit of a mixed bag of news. I decided to join Wikiversity and volunteer to help Leigh Blackall with the Networked Learning topic. Check it out, Wikiversity has come a long way, for a while it looked like it wouldn’t happen.

I was reading WikiAngela and thought you might like this post “Wikimedia Commons prepares to celebrate one million uploads“, I really like the mosaic that represents the Wikimedia Foundation logo, if I manage to collect enough images I’ll make a mosaic on my Wiki. The other thing the Web2.0 heads would probably like is “3B – tour Wikia in 3D”. Sorry to do a bit of news copy but there you go.

From the OLPC Wik LinuxBIOS page:

Here’s a video of LinuxBIOS booting Linux on a rev a board.

Seriously spend some time reading the OLPC Wiki. Here’s the OLPC web badges to add to your website/blog.

Some local edu news, Val Evans has a survey on social software for learning. It closes on 30 November 2006.

The Social Software for Learning Research Project is being funded by the Research and Policy Advice and Knowledge Sharing Services projects of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

Some feedback on the new blog/wiki setup would be nice.

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