I’ve been spending a lot of time on Wikiversity, not so much working on a course yet though I am trying to get started on developing a course on Digital artwork for kids which would work through the basics of Tux Paint, GIMP and Blender with a focus on digital art, including how to use a digital camera to take a photo for a bloom clock project quiz that gets used to create new stamps for Tux Paint using GIMP. Simple ideas that encourage kids to get out and about and into science like getting them to try and figure out how to take a photo of lightning.

The most useful thing I’ve done so far is show people how to set up a Wikiversity blog and manually create a rss feed for your blog, a fellow aussie Michael Billington wrote a bot to generate the rss feeds but thats still being worked on by a few guys. There’s a lot happening, I’m really enjoying the Wikiversity experience, I’ve met some really good people, here’s my userpage. For instant chat join the Wikiversity-en channel on irc.

I was chatting with Yeoman and apparantly Wikiversity is the worlds first real Metacommunity. So what is a metacommunity?

A metacommunity is a community of communities. The term Community has a predicate form — communicate

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