iBook (“Clamshell”) dual booting Ubuntu with Mac OS 9

A friend has an IBook G3 and is dual booting Ubuntu and Mac OS 9. He used the Ubuntu for PowerPC CD and did a little research before installing it, he’s thinking about using Xubuntu. I’ll get some more info about that soon. Here’s the image.

5 thoughts on “iBook (“Clamshell”) dual booting Ubuntu with Mac OS 9”

  1. Hi! I am thinking to do the same. Mac OS 10.3.9 is incompatible with lots of newer software, especially broswers who usually demand Tiger. OS 9 is usefull for legacy software but browsers:  iCab is slow, but works, but no HTML5. In Panther Opera 9.64 is the fastest browser, and quite up to date, but I suspect Ubuntu software will be even more up date. I tried innstalling Tiger with XPostFacto, but was unsucsessfull. It would probably be very slow any way.

    My iBook clamshell is a  “revision B” with 300 MHz G3, 576 MB RAM, AirPort WiFi, 1 USB 1.1, 6 GB HD and CD-ROM. (No FireWire) I am wondering if I should try the newest version that is possible to install with a CD or go for an older version that is more lightweight. Do you know what your friend uses?


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