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Whoa, I’ve been called a lot of things, this is one of the good ones. I’m off to the big smoke next week to meet past and present NSW LearnScope team members and other guests. Have a look at the overview. I noticed Sean FitzGerald will be there, thats comforting, I think he understands what Free Software means to me.

I setup Mediawiki and PlanetPlanet Aggregator for NSW Learnscope. I thought I was fairly knowledgable about the Bazaar model of development but Alexander Hayes takes it to a new level. lol, I’m just joking a little about how he released earlier than I expected but with the support of some of the innovators in our networks I think we’ll get there. In open markets innovation wins, thats pretty much how it works.

So I have to put together a 50min talk in 4 days, I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time so its just a matter of putting it together, the main thing I’m worried about is my nerves at the start, I always get really nervous at the start of these things so I hope someone has some tips.

There’s so many things to talk about, I have to keep it simple. I have mostly been thinking about something like “FOSS and Web 2.0: Independence and Capability”. Lets look at something interesting about Web 2.0 and FOSS. What operating system is used for some Web 2.0 services:

Google – Linux
Wikipedia – Linux
Youtube – Linux
Flickr – Linux
Delicious – Linux
Blogger – Linux
Digg – Linux
Wordpress – Linux
Amazon – Linux
Facebook – Linux
Friendster – Linux
Moodle – Linux
creativecommons – Linux
nswlearnscope – Linux – Linux

That will do for now, I’ll try to build the list a bit more later. Also thinking about something like “Open Web Publishing: Copyright and Community”. The Definition of Free Cultural Works will be useful for that. I think the main thing is to talk about FOSS, open web publishing with FOSS and show exampes of what has been achieved with those tools and development model compared to whats been achieved by proprietary software tools and proprietary content manufacturers. Anyway I’m rambling, lots of things to do so I better get to it.

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