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Bill Kendrick and New Breed Software

Bill Kendrick runs a site called New Breed Software.

We create Open Source software which is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, BeOS, and even PDAs and video game systems!

As you can see from visiting Bill’s personal webpage, Tux Paint is his most successful open source project, he originally created Supertux, has won many awards for his games and co-founded Linux Users Group of Davis .

During my Tux Paint screencast I read parts of the description of Tuxpaint from Wikipedia, I skimmed passed this part.

The project was started in 2002 by William J Kendrick.

I think leaving that out was a mistake, the volume was too low for some windows users, though I fixed that and I should have a title screen at the start. Apart from that I think my screencast setup is pretty good, one day I hope to have cortado setup so I can delete the flv’s.

Bill left a comment on my blog here so feel free to reply. Thanks Bill.

Watch my Tux Paint video.

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