Background to the Australian Flexible Learning Community

I think its now known as the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
Here’s the info. “Background to the Australian Flexible Learning Community.” There’s a nice collection of information there.

Check out all these sexy buggers.

I like this idea “Creative, Capable People”.

Its a bit of a shame that they’re not using a free public license. Now that the responsibilities and functions of ANTA have been transferred to the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) I wonder if its possible to release that work under a free public license.

I’ve been trying to gain some perspective of local professional online education for adults. Originally its was just a very small group that controlled the web based services offered to public secondary schools here in Qld but as of the beginning of last year all the public schools have the option to use Joomla, sure some teachers complained that they cant update it with frontpage but the main thing is that it killed off that groups projects. Private school people already get way more money than the public schools, its greedy to be funded by the gov to leach even more money from the public schools by providing lame proprietary web based solutions, those solutions cost the schools thousands of dollars and don’t add any value, their like web -5.0. edna online helped change their perspective by using moodle, some of us tried to introduce foss based web solutions before that, but apparently the other techs convinced people that foss is bargain basement crap that never works properly and we’re all a bunch of unpopular political philosophy believers and made all kinds of degrading and derogatory remarks. Thats partly why I moved on to hanging out with teachers, well apart from IT teachers.

From the adults learning online perspective everything is different, some of them are pro-foss, share a very similar philosophy and have done years of research. So why hasn’t much improved for them. When you look at their edna group it becomes immediately obvious. The bulk of the techs in their group haven’t kept up with their research and don’t have the right products, skill set or business model. Worse then that they are rude, idiotic, assholes and bullshit artists. They say things like “our products enforce learning”. I can’t see myself wasting my time reading all that shit. Notice the language, thats another different thing about working with adults.

I ‘ve been discussing web.20, foss and community development with Alexander Hayes, you can read his blog. Capability and independence have always been important to me so we’ll see what happens, hopefully using things like transclusion we can stay on the same page.

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