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Artwork progress for Edgy

Artwork progress for Edgy

The artwork team has been making some very good progress with their new methodology. I’ve always been slightly in awe of people who can produce visual art – it’s that feeling of watching something magical happen that I could never do myself. First they collected a variety of inspirational elements that had interesting artistic qualities – pictures of shells, glass items, various stock images with different palettes and effects. Now the focus is to draw those themes together and identify some stylistic techniques that will define “the look of Edgy”.

One very cool thing is that we now have all three main flavours (Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu) getting attention. Jmak is doing amazing things with the XFCE themes.
You can see a snapshot summary of the state-of-the-art or hop onto the ubuntu-art mailing list to provide feedback. The list is still a bit chaotic – we need to separate out the “cool new idea” traffic from the “one step further along our agreed line of work” contributions, but in general I think the process is working well. I’m sure there will be rough edges in Edgy – that’s the point – but I’m really impressed with the leadership of Troy Sobotka and I think the team is going to do wonderful work over the next series of releases.

Thanks guys and well done!

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