Tuxpaint the free drawing program designed for young children demonstration video

I’ve created a screencast of Tux Paint. Its a free drawing program designed for young children. This is easily my best screencast so far. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBHfE2J0i7Y[/youtube] Please check it out. I followed this guide for how to create a screencast in Ubuntu. I think its the best so far for this sort of thing, make sure … Read more

How to install Tux Paint stamps

I’ve talked about Tux Paint on this blog over the years and produced an informative and slightly humorous Tux Paint demonstration video back in 2006. The video has been downloaded 1,066 times from internet archive.org and viewed 31500 times not including the 14000 views from the version with low quality audio which Ive deleted. The … Read more

Tux Paint is still the best educational art software for children

Watch the Video. Tux paint is [[Free software]]. Visit the Tux Paint home page and check out some of Bill Kendricks projects: New Breed Software – Games and stuff for Linux, Windows, Mac, Dreamcast, Zaurus and more Bill’s Games – An award-winning collection of classic games that work with any browser WebFX – award-winning web-based … Read more

Linux Spreads Its Wings In India

Initial source was digg.com Linux Spreads Its Wings In India With 4,000 students and just 21 computers, the Cotton Hill Girls High School in the south Indian city of Trivandrum wouldn’t appear to be at the vanguard of anything related to information technology. Yet the 71-year-old school is abandoning Microsoft Windows software in favor of … Read more

Tux Paint Videos

Check out Tux Paint Videos. Bill Kendrick added the Tuxpaint screencast to the list. I’ve demonstrated Tux Paint for quite a few parents and all of them have been really impressed. I also want to screencast software from tux4kids, GCompris and Squeak. If you know anyone with kids looking for free software please spread the … Read more

Bill Kendrick and New Breed Software

Bill Kendrick runs a site called New Breed Software. We create Open Source software which is available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, BeOS, and even PDAs and video game systems! As you can see from visiting Bill’s personal webpage, Tux Paint is his most successful open source project, he originally … Read more

Photography and Image Manipulation

I added a random banner plugin to my blog and use a collection of panorama’s from Wikimedia Commons. You can read the list of WordPress plugins I use for my blog. You can also download the list of panorama’s below. Open the text file with your download manager or use GNU Wget wget -ci Wikicommons_panoramas.txt -P … Read more