Photography and Image Manipulation

I added a random banner plugin to my blog and use a collection of panorama’s from Wikimedia Commons. You can read the list of WordPress plugins I use for my blog. You can also download the list of panorama’s below. Open the text file with your download manager or use GNU Wget

wget -ci Wikicommons_panoramas.txt -P panoramas

I recently repaired a friends digital camera and he was kind enough to say that I could use it whenever I please so hopefully my blog will be a bit more interesting. I’ve been using GNU Image Manipulation Program intelligent scissors to cut out certain parts of images, its fairly easy. I’ve also been showing some parents Tuxpaint, its an excellent program for kids, I’ll create a screencast soon, if your looking for something to do and have kids then perhaps do this as an activity, I think it would be fun.

Here’s a pic of Jim rocking our world lol.


Heres the list.

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