Antivirus and spyware removal for windows

One of the parents I met had a problem with antivirus software. I was disappointed that I didnt know off the top of my head how to help her so maybe someone will leave a comment with a clue. She runs windows XP and couldn’t remember what the antivirus software was called but it wouldnt let her connect to the internet.

My mate Jim was also looking for antivirus software, I’ve installed Clamwin Antivirus on windows so I recommended that and also learned that there’s a Clamwin firefox extension for scanning downloads and you can add real time scanning functionality by using Winpooch. Make sure your using the latest version before using the links below.
Downloads for windows users:

It will be interesting to hear how it goes, the better solution is to switch to GNU/Linux, I haven’t had a virus or any problems with spyware in around 5 years. How often have you reinstalled windows? How many antivirus programs do you use? How many spyware programs do you use?

My kids are going to love this

The other day I was helping people use computers at a local community group, I knew all of them have young children so I put together a CD with Tux Paint, Tux Paint stamps, GCompris, Elephants Dream and I have some SFD leaflets left over so I gave them a copy of that and we wrote the url of Wikipedia and my blog on the back. We briefly discussed some of those things and then had a look at Tux Paint and GCompris. They were all really happy with the software and we had fun doing some of the activities. Not everyone has the internet at home so thats something to remember.
Links to download the versions for windows users:

The page to download Elephants Dream.

The image above is Copyright © Eric R. Jeschke CC License

Jabbin Jabber VoIP client

Click this button or visit
Jabbin: Jabber VoIP client !

Its similar to Gaim, you can use all the common messaging networks like Google talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber at the same time but also has VoIP which basically means you can have voice conversations over the Internet. Most people seem to use Skype, here’s the reasons not to use Skype. It might seem like a hassle to set up a Jabber account but find a way to get passed that and visit and sign up.

Some of the cool things about Jabber is that you can set up a Jabber server for instant messaging on your network or your schools network etc another cool thing is that the Croquet Project uses Jabber, you can use the chat client in Croquet to invite friends to your space, a portal opens up and they just walk through, how easy is that so you may as well set up an account, download Jabbin and give me a call so I can sing you a song, a song about rainbows.

Free Software links for this week

Audio software:

  • Hydrogen – professional drum machine
  • Audacity – digital audio editor
  • Ardour – digital audio recorder and editor
  • Mixxx – digital DJ’ing program
  • Rose Garden – digital audio workstation
  • Jokosher – powerful multi-track audio studio – early release


  • GNUTU  – Students schedule designed for students from primary and secondary schools

Ubuntu users can apt-get install most of them, Hydrogen is excellent, you can download the extra drum kits and samples. Mixxx is fun, I’ll have to get creative with digital audio using those tools and put together something soon.

Reading and browsing Project Gutenburg with libre software

I’ve been using for quite a while now and thought some of you may also find it useful. Don’t worry its also available for windows users. Maybe you’ve heard about ebooks well this is ebooks without all the BS. So lets have a quick look at what Wikipedia says about Project Gutenburg:

Project Gutenberg (often abbreviated as PG) is a volunteer effort to digitize, archive, and distribute cultural works. Founded in 1971, it is the oldest digital library. Most of its items are the full texts of public domain books. The project tries to make the items in its collection as free as possible, in long-lasting, open formats that can be used on almost any computer.

Now lets have a look at the About section from the homepage:

GutenPy is meant to be a comfortable text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg. I used a few other readers (PyBookReader being my favourite of the lot), but they didn’t quite do what I wanted/needed them to. GutenPy features (so far):

  • BookmarkingEach file can have a default bookmark that is jumped to when the file is opened and a list of named sub-bookmarks. Automatic saving of a files current bookmark when closing.
  • Handy SidebarFor convenient browsing, selection, and deletion, of files and bookmarks.
  • Line NumberingFor those times when you use Project Gutenberg files as reference materials.
  • Easy mouse paging.Double-left-click to page down, double-right-click to page up.
  • Word Definition LookupsLook up the definition of word from a dict server with a middle-mouse-click.
  • Behaviour PreferencesGutenPy can save and restore your open files for your next session. You can also put bookmarking on auto-pilot, and disable the quit confirmation (Thanks Nan Dina for the suggestions).
  • Offline Catalog BrowserUse a cached copy of the Project Gutenberg catalog and powerful Author, Title, Subject, and Language regular expression Filters to find your books. You can have GutenPy remember your filters for your next Catalog browse. You can also save your selected booklist for future downloading.

Visit that page and scroll down a bit to see the screenshots. Visit the Project Gutenburg homepage and search for books that you would like to read. As it says on that page theres “2 million ebooks downloaded each month”.

I wonder if this is suitable for the public school computers.

Free Music

A list of sites with freely available music licensed under a creative commons license/FDL.

There’s something there for everyone, I’ve mainly been listening to the free classical music from Musikethos, sure, you might not think thats cool but what are you going to do. lol. Have any sites to add? leave a comment.

Here’s Maurizio Curcio – The Gardens of Istanbul, for percussion quartet and cello. Click on the play arrow below to listen to it.

Don’t forget to tell a musician/teacher about these sites today

Linux Spreads Its Wings In India

Initial source was

Linux Spreads Its Wings In India

With 4,000 students and just 21 computers, the Cotton Hill Girls High School in the south Indian city of Trivandrum wouldn’t appear to be at the vanguard of anything related to information technology. Yet the 71-year-old school is abandoning Microsoft Windows software in favor of its free, open-source rival, Linux.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal but here’s more from the artice

The school is one of 2,600 in the state of Kerala making the shift. That means each of the state’s 1.5 million high school students will grow accustomed to working not in the Windows environment familiar to computer users worldwide, but in Linux. And over the next two years, computer science based on Linux software will be made mandatory in all of the state’s high schools. “As a government that keeps the interest of society over corporations, we are committed to the use and development of free software,” says V.S. Achutanandan, Kerala’s sarong-clad chief minister.

This is also nice. Tuxpaint is the best.

“We’re using something called Linux,” says 12-year-old Arya VM as she plays with Tux Paint, a Linux drawing and painting application. And Windows? “Never heard of it,” she says.

Read the article, theres some nice statistics there.

Here’s some interesting stats from the world of enterprise level software.

IDC surveyed 5000 developers in 116 countries and discovered that open source is used by 71% of them and — perhaps more surprisingly — is used in 54% of their production environments.

More links from

Munich Begins to Switch Windows Out for Linux

Munich has begun its migration to Linux on the desktop, a year later than planned and nearly three years since the city announced its move to open source software. Since Tuesday, the first 100 of the city ’s 14,000 PCs have been switched from Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Office applications to Linux and OpenOffice.

Nasa Lunar Robot Runs Red Hat Linux

The K-10 is controlled wirelessly, via a PCMCIA-based 802.11g interface connected to an 8db 2.4GHz antenna via an RF cable. The control application runs on the control laptop as a single, multi-threaded userspace application.

Java to be Open Sourced in October

October 3rd Declared Day Against DRM

October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

Here’s my mate Ash ready to Eliminate DRM. Thanks Ash.

Ash Ninja Kills DRM

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