Jabbin Jabber VoIP client

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Jabbin: Jabber VoIP client !

Its similar to Gaim, you can use all the common messaging networks like Google talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber at the same time but also has VoIP which basically means you can have voice conversations over the Internet. Most people seem to use Skype, here’s the reasons not to use Skype. It might seem like a hassle to set up a Jabber account but find a way to get passed that and visit Jabber.org.au and sign up.

Some of the cool things about Jabber is that you can set up a Jabber server for instant messaging on your network or your schools network etc another cool thing is that the Croquet Project uses Jabber, you can use the chat client in Croquet to invite friends to your space, a portal opens up and they just walk through, how easy is that so you may as well set up an account, download Jabbin and give me a call so I can sing you a song, a song about rainbows.


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