Antivirus and spyware removal for windows

One of the parents I met had a problem with antivirus software. I was disappointed that I didnt know off the top of my head how to help her so maybe someone will leave a comment with a clue. She runs windows XP and couldn’t remember what the antivirus software was called but it wouldnt let her connect to the internet.

My mate Jim was also looking for antivirus software, I’ve installed Clamwin Antivirus on windows so I recommended that and also learned that there’s a Clamwin firefox extension for scanning downloads and you can add real time scanning functionality by using Winpooch. Make sure your using the latest version before using the links below.
Downloads for windows users:

It will be interesting to hear how it goes, the better solution is to switch to GNU/Linux, I haven’t had a virus or any problems with spyware in around 5 years. How often have you reinstalled windows? How many antivirus programs do you use? How many spyware programs do you use?

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