UK government blunder

The UK government have been running their new website on WordPress, they seem very keen on being viewed as supporters of open source software. However it would appear that they have using the Networker theme and apparently removed all traces of the theme’s source, author attribution and licencing from its website source code. The Networker theme, which is available at, was created by Anthony Baggett and is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

So it appears that they have removed the attribution notice that was in the original footer, and have broken the license conditions, and are therefore in breach of copyright. Thanks to The Open Sourcerer who brought this to the attention of the British public. Suggestions that the government may have paid £100k for a ripped off theme which runs on an Open Source blogging engine really does worry me on a number of levels!

Photo credit: Hightech.Blogosfere


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