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SEO For Firefox – Essential SEO Plugin

SEO is an extremely broad term, covering topics ranging from; On-page optimisation, link building, viral marketing, conversion rate enhancement, PPC (pay per click) management, competitor analysis and link authority analysis.

Now unless you’re an absolute guru, there is no way you could be an expert on all of these topics. But there’s no reason you can’t easily get a snapshot of vital data to help enhance your site architecture and search rankings.

SEO Firefox Plugin

One of the best tools to help you find an instant snapshot of data is the SEO Firefox Plugin. You can use it to easily determine:

  • Pagerank
  • Site Age
  • Indexed Links
  • Yahoo
  • Edu
  • Gov
  • Page
  • The number of Delicious bookmarks
  • Technorati and Alexa rankings
  • Google cached pages

Why should I use it?

Now if you’re a blogger or run a business Website, you may be thinking ‘I’m not that interested in SEO or learning about it’. Which is fair enough, however if you’re interested in the following then it may still be a very useful tool for you:

  • Growing your blog
  • Increasing the number of visitors that find your page
  • Directing tragetted traffic to your business site

Not all links are considered equal

Now it doesn’t take a guru to know that one of the biggest keys to a successful site is attention, and in web-terms that equates to links.

As a blogger / webmaster it’s likely you’re experienced in trying to get people to link to you, you probably also realise that it’s actually a lot harder then it sounds. If you have the funds you could outsource your SEO to a company, but if you’d prefer to try do it yourself then SEO Firefox will help you identify which links will yield you the most benefit.

Follow up to Choosing Your Webhost post; my friend that works at a los angeles marketing company sent me a review for bluehost site hosting which is one of the hosts I use.

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