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Sculpted prims in Opensim more advanced than SL

Sculptie Physics on OpenSim from Dahlia Trimble on Vimeo.


Teravus was teaching me about the internals of the meshing for physics on opensim when the topic came up about making a mesh out of a sculpted prim. I mentioned I would like to attempt to make one and try it out, and a few hours later he had it working! This video is Dahlia walking on a sculpted prim spaceship in OSGrid after updating to his new code.

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In secondlife sculpties only collide on bounding boxes, which make them really only suitable for visuals, not for part of complex builds. Due to some early work done by Teravus this week, that’s no longer true for OpenSim. We’re now creating a tri-mesh collision surface for sculpties and passing that into our physics engine.

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