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Screencasting in Edubuntu and windows with Libre Software

I finally looked at Cortado and got it working, a bit of a milestone, it means I dont have to bother doubling up anymore with the flv(flash video). The screencast shows and tells you all the details. Here’s the main topics.

  • Screencasting in Edubuntu and windows with Libre Software
  • Converting AVI to Ogg and flv
  • Displaying the video on a webpage using Cortado for the Ogg and an open source flv player for the flash video(flv)

I decided to setup an account with the Internet Archive and because I simply cant afford to host all the screencasts I plan to create. If your not familiar with either of those sites then just look them up in Wikipedia.

I thought about using the Wikimedia Commons because Ogg is the official file format of Wikipedia but I’m not so sure the screencasts are suitable for an Encyclopedia project. Ourmedia has a personal learning centre project and I think it would be good to contribute my work, for a grassroots media project you would think they wan’t to use Ogg multimedia container format. Maybe I could have a section something like Screencasts for learning with libre software and libre knowledge.

I would like to stream live video on the internet and display it on the web using Cortado, I’ll have to try and convince Noiesmo to look at doing that or get a webcam.

I want to only use Ogg and Cortado but I really need some feedback about things like the sound and picture quality, do people have Java installed and I want to get a general idea of what I need to work on. The wonderful thing is with libre software comes freedom and freedom is produced by control so I can try to adjust my setup till its really nice. I think I’ve been doing pretty well, the screencast is 8 minutes 25 seconds long.

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