Publicly funded research available to the public

From QUT news: Cyber copyright opens new world of knowledge

Visit the The OAK Law Project to find more information. I was really impressed by one of the papers I read called “Legal Issues for the Use of Free and Open Source Software in Government“.

Most people don’t get the meaning of “Free” in Free Software but this paper really nailed it. I switched to using the word Libre to avoid some of the problems I’ve been experiencing with proprietary software thats available at no cost being lumped in with FOSS and generally people will ask “what is Libre Software?” when most people will assume Free Software is just software you can get at no cost and its a neverending uphill battle trying to correct them, I also created this paper on Terminology so I can concentrate on other projects . I think it was one of the better decisions I’ve made.

It looks like they have a strong team of lawyers. Lets hope they continue to use GNU Eprints with an option for users to select a Creative Commons license to use. I hope it has nothing to do with AEsharenet.

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