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I’m using the feed from planet TALO as my learning network page and set it as the main page with the option to read my blog. I hope this might generate some comments and discussion of the information that flows through the network. I’ve added a theme switcher and a recently released theme called mollio as my cms style theme and set it up more as a learning community site. There’s a survey so that you can make an assessment of my skills.

I’m loving planetplanet.

Planet is an awesome ‘river of news’ feed reader. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.

I don’t use my usual feed readers as often and now run a collection of planet aggregators locally on my Edubuntu system. I also have planet Venus installed, its a refactoring of planetplanet, it can use opml files and has a planet venus wordpress plugin, for my site online I’m just aggregating the planet TALO feed but in my local development environment I have both planet venus and my dev wordpress running, I have it set to use the opml file generated by my local WordPress blogroll and the big difference is that for all the feeds it automatically adds the users as wordpress users and the posts as wordpress posts so it’s all in a neat archive. It’s a really nice system that’s easy to manage and a nice solution for building an online learning community by taking advantage of web feeds, the blogosphere and the free market economy that it supports.

If you want to contribute to Planet TALO contact me with the details of your site.


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