October 3rd Declared Day Against DRM

October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM”

Here’s my mate Ash ready to Eliminate DRM. Thanks Ash.

Ash Ninja Kills DRM

Ask Bono to stand with us for Digital Freedoms!

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<a title="Eliminate DRM" target="_blank" href="http://defectivebydesign.org/en/node"><img align="middle" title="Ash Ninja Kills DRM" alt="Ash Ninja Kills DRM" src="https://chris.superuser.com.au/wp-content/photos/ash_ninja.jpg" /></a>

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4 thoughts on “October 3rd Declared Day Against DRM”

  1. funny. I loaded up that Freeware tribes game you told me about and Ashdaug came on. It was pretty funny he recognised my name and we had a yarn.

  2. Cool, its a shame the engine isn’t open source, I played it for a while, I thought it was pretty good, just like tribes 1 with newer graphics. Some newbies didnt think it was that great because they didnt know how to ski. Did you think it was any good?


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