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Live internet radio with talk back and conference

I moved house again and this time I have access to the router settings so I can have some fun. Its nice to be able to use my own box to host stuff online. I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 on a new drive, I feel sorry for people who will never know the joy of things like apt.

I wont go into the details, hopefully I will have the documentation finished soon. If you want to check it out visit this link, the link will be broken sometimes, thats because my computer is turned off. At the moment I’m streaming a random playlist of music licensed under creative commons licenses, fal and other free licences, ocassionally chatting if a friend checks it out. Its best to open the stream with a media player rather than rely on that applet.

Im using icecast, ices2 for the stream and asterisk for the conference/talk back. I’ve also installed voiceone and I think I’ll checkout Web-meetme.

We’ve been using asterisk and moziax for voice chat on opensim and I was one of the original crew of people experimenting with Wikiveristy campus radio which used pretty much the same software, its a shame we didnt get much support considering how useful it is for educational purposes. I know a bunch of musicians that seem interested in the concept so we’ll see what happens. Another really nice program Im using is called Internet DJ Console. It makes it so easy to dj.

I think its a nice setup and would pass as a cool project for school radio or a decent training environment for some TAFE course to do with radio. Its free and libre too.

Anyway, i hope you enjoy the tunes, feel free to mention your favourite CC licensed tracks. I’ll probably be up late tonight so that I can catch up with my friends in other time zones. So check it out and leave a message.

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  1. I took a look at its a community of free, legal and unlimited music published with Creative Commons licenses. You can upload your music,  and share your favorite artists! I found some great music, a nice album by Rob Costlow entitled The Woods of Chaos, he is a solo pianist, its a mix up of classical and contemporary music, really beautiful!


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