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Its NOT free trade if there is an agreement

Australia is about to be turned into a prison colony again.

The $65,000 question: do you own an iPod?

Owning an iPod, camera phone or a DVD recorder might be enough to land you in jail or lumbered with a large fine under the Federal Government’s proposed new changes to the copyright laws, experts warn.

As you know I’m a big fan of Free Software, Free Knowledge and Free Culture and the word Free is used because the person is free, its not a matter of zero price so I’m disgusted about how corrupt politicians try to get away with making stupid laws but this one wont really hurt me, I hope this will push you to explore the free world because you can make authorized copies of all the works and won’t have to deal with this problem besides all that do you really enjoy being a consumer of all that watered down phony read only once crap.

1 thought on “Its NOT free trade if there is an agreement”

  1. I read a similar article on the tribes bittah forum. Talk about a load of bullshit. Apparently even if you own the CD in some instances you can still be prosecuted…. ER?!? what is the point of owning such a device at all. I wonder how Apple feels about it all, I guess they have their hands in plenty of pies for selling music too but regardless it’s just not cool. Everyone would be going to jail T_T


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