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Future of Learning in a Networked World.


TALO members explore the Future of Learning in a Networked World via e-learning, flexible delivery, online education, networked learning and web 2.0 in the respective geographical and virtual locations. The focus of FLNW2 is to engage TALO members in proactive e-learning hands-on events in a cross-cultural context with host nations, networks, groups and individuals.


TALO or Teach and Learn Online is an international network of people interested in all things e-learning, flexible learning, online education, networked learning and web 2.0. TALO provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with others who share a common interest in progressing knowledge sharing in an open and diverse collaborative community. A range of active online discussion forums,blogs, wikis, and web feeds are balanced with un-conferences, swap-meets and other spontaneous face-to-face conversations. The un-conference model has been adopted as an open conversation space within all TALO events and serves to guide or in some instances challenge the perceptions of those used to conference sensibilities.

A number of inspired TALO members seeking ways to engage a wider and more culturally diverse reference group began exchanging ideas about how to action e-learning in a sustainable and realistic forum………. without all the fuss of conferencing. At swapmeets the ideas start to flow including a trip down the Mekong river, Hong Kong, a train journey with free wireless, the UK, Europe and Broome, Australia and now the FLNW2. Concious of the fact that others regard online education as self important navel gazing, the idea that came out of these discussions was to grow TALO beyond a technology focussed online information gathering, to build a robust and sustainable model of engaging others with networked technologies.

The FLNW 2 event follows on from the FLNW event which was held in New Zealand in 2006.FLNW2 came about as a result of round table discussions at the TALO Swap-Meet in Adelaide in March 2007.

TALO energy is contagious and this motivates others to embrace and implement creative activities that build social inclusion, participation, access and choice. All of this leads to appropriate and sustainable solutions for learning in a networked world. Read more…

I’ve added myself as a particpant and I hope you do as well. I would really appreciate it if people would offer their support.

Alex’s used a pretty funny image for the recording on podomatic, check out Alex’s podcasts.

Read about Palawan on Wikipedia. The first thing that springs to mind is distributing libre software, libre knowledge and libre culture. Things like free text books, software, video, audio etc You can easily fit an equivalent of over $10,000 worth of resouces on CD but some things are priceless so fire up and help out.

With the help of Wikiversity participants and the Wikio VoIP project we could do some really useful things.

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