FINA World Rankings

FINA World Rankings

I was recently looking on the FINA website and I was surprised and excited to find out how high I am on the FINA World Rankings. The rankings are determined by a points system, over a 12 month period each divers 4 best results are added and divided by 4. This average determines the ranking of a diver. Below are the two tables taken from the FINA website, of the rankings of the top 10 women and synchro teams on the 3 metre springboard.

In the women’s 3m rankings I’m equal 7th, which is a really exciting result as 2005 was my first full year in the World diving circuit. Hopefully I will be able to improve on my 7th place ranking in the future.

In the women’s 3m synchronised rankings Sharleen and I are 5th. We have done very well to be in 5th as most of the other teams have 4 events taken in to account to determine the points, we only have 3 results taken in to account and only 11 points from 2nd place (our lowest result was 14 points). Which means Sharleen and I are real contenders for second in the world. Hopefully a good result in the FINA World Cup will give us an even better ranking, and bump us up a few places.

The FINA website is Which has the full rankings and information on the upcoming Diving World Cup in Changshu in China, which I’m very excited about!

Yes! Sharleen and me are on Wikipedia. Well I guess that was cause I posted our photo there! Not long ago I was looking up Diving on Wikipedia and noticed that there was no photo under the Synchronised Diving section. So I took it upon myself to post the best synchro photo I had (which was of course of Sharleen and me). I also posted a great title to go along with it.

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