Educational Podcast Networks

The feedback I’ve received from sharing the podcast guide online has been really good. Thanks to Adam Maxwell a member of the Casting the Net LearnScope Project EdNA Group the guide includes the essential information about the legal requirements for teachers in regards to disadvantaged people.

I’ve been listening to quite a few of the podcasts from the Education Podcast Network and told David Warlick about the guide. People involved in education should check out his wiki, it covers podcasting, blogs, wiki’s and a lot more about digital technology for education. He added the guide to his list of guides for producing podcasts and a nice thank you.

Also John Pearce blogged about the guide and you see some of his work with grade 3-4’s at the Middle J wiki.

Some teachers have written thank you emails and commented about the guide being concise, well layed out and easy to follow, one wrote that the guide opened their eyes and another wrote that I must be reading their mind.

Happy Learning

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